Lunar Crush firmly establish that the cryptocurrency market exists because of the community. They further reinstate that it does not survive because of earning reports, management or the borders.  What the community thinks about the cryptocurrency really matters.

At Lunar Crush, when it comes to AltRank, which is about ranking the Altcoins relative to the price of the Bitcoin performance, the price trends are compared for specific time frames.  The updates are checked for every 5 minutes. 

Since, there are lot of Altcoins, the trading volume is taken into consideration.  If the trading volume is very low, it is very hard to trade accurately and profitably.  Therefore, the trading volumes are taken in to consideration from highest to lowest in terms of trading activity.

Trading activity is crucial.  There needs to be buys or sells of the asset type.  If there is no activity, and the activity is stagnant, the growth prospects cannot be analyzed.

There is no cryptocurrency if there is no community interest.  There needs to be social volume.  It is an important point that is used to determine if a particular coin has credibility. 

The social volume from platforms like Twitter, Reddit, shared links, news sources and others are used to provide an insight into the community size of the Altcoin. When this information is layered on the top of price, the eventual AltRank brings in some really good results.

The likes, shares, comments and followers from different social channels and their attitude are important as a social score. This helps identify the kind of social engagement and also to determine if the activity is from an actual human being.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “People cannot invest in to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Digibyte, Cardano, ETC or any other asset type and hope for things to grow well.  They need a metric that will give a direction of where the price trends might be heading towards.”

Lunar Crush Simplifies Crypto Research

Every cryptocurrency investor is eager to know what next about the crypto of their interest; however, when they move forward researching in to the trends they get frustrated due to lengthy research time, spam everywhere, incomplete research data, few trusted resources and eventually they do not find a gauge to assess community sentiment as that is what actually changes the world of crypto.

Lunar Crush provides the bulk if necessary information to trade efficiently in cryptos ranging from Bullish sentiment, Bearish sentiment, social engagement, Twitter Activity, Reddit Activity, Link popularity, News Activity, Spam Activity, Search Popularity, Correlation Rank, Volatility and the price score. Good for those who need it.  Users decide to use it at their personal discretion.

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