Billy Markus, the co-creator of the dog-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin, revealed why he doesn’t like his rival Shiba Inu. He called the cryptocurrency community haters. Markus is one of the most influential people in the cryptocurrency business, co-founding the first dog-inspired cryptocurrency meme, which is supported by billionaire Elon Musk.

This Friday, Markus – who posts on Twitter using the nickname Shibetoshi Nakamoto, in honor of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto – posted a recording of his phone screen with a series of comments that involved links to fake-inspired projects at Dogecoin.

The creator of Dogecoin directed his post to Jack Dorsey of Twitter, asking the CEO of the social network to do something about the growing number of people who advertise scams on the platform.

Shiba Inu community is toxic

The post was not well received, and received a considerable amount of criticism from Shiba Inu fans, who argued that Markus was trying to create a very bad image for the digital currency community. This prompted him to give a rant about Shiba Inu and her community.

The creator of Dogecoin said he doesn’t care which cryptocurrencies investors buy or sell, whether Dogecoin or Ethereum, as it doesn’t matter to him. But he criticized the behavior of investors at Shia Inu.

Billy Markus then explained that he hates Shiba Inu because the coin community harass and insults him.

“I don’t care which cryptocurrency you buy, sell or like. It means absolutely nothing to me. I don’t care if it’s dogecoin, Ethereum, inubuttface, whatever. It has no bearing on the quality of your character. – I care if you’re an idiot with me.” – He said.

“It doesn’t make me think highly of you or your community. Don’t be an idiot, and I don’t care. Be an idiot, I won’t like you or your community” – added.

ridiculous market

Markus clarified that the same goes for the Dogecoin community, which means he likes the community less when a member is being toxic.

He said he has no responsibility for Dogecoin currently, but hopes his community can be “moderately good at this. ridiculous market.”

“Every time a member of the Dogecoin community is being an idiot, I like her a little less. I no longer have responsibility for the currency. I just care if the community can be a little good in this ridiculous market.”

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